Personal Injury Lawyer Kirkland

Effective car accident / personal injury attorneys in Kirkland Washington work to hold negligent parties responsible for injuries, damages, pain and suffering, and a loss of wages for accident victims all over the state. Car and truck accidents are constantly on the rise as more automobiles take up our roadways and drivers are becoming more and more distracted. Our Kirkland auto accident lawyers can ensure Washington auto accident victims peace of mind in a complicated and painful time, along with the ability to concentrate on what is most important: your recovery. Contact the law firm of Weitz Law Firm today (425) 889-9300 to begin the recovery process. We are Kirkland personal injury lawyers that guide you on everything from steps to take on the day of the Accident / Injury to preparing you for a potential trial if your case can not be settled.

What type of Damages and Losses can I recover?

If another person’s negligence or an entity’s oversight was the cause of your accident, you may be entitled to following:

  • Personal Injury Lawyer KirklandMedical Expenses: Keep a record of all medical expenses related to your injury. Many injuries may include bruises, fractures, broken bones, trauma, and soft tissue injury.
  • Loss of Wages: Inability to return to work after a car accident is common, especially if injuries are severe. You should be compensated for any time missed from work as a result of your injuries.
  • Property Loss: Whether your car is totaled or dented, you should be compensated for the damages accrued.
  • Emotional Distress: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a possible result from a vehicle collision, especially if a loved one is injured.
  • Loss of Enjoyment: It is common for individuals to experience fear of driving after an auto accident. This fear can lead to loss of enjoyment due to dread of driving, anxiety from oncoming traffic, and not wanting to leave your house.

Negotiation with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. They are trained to lower their pay-outs. I know. I used to work in the claims department of one of the larger ones. Most people mistakenly believe that their own insurance company will always look out for their best interest, but that is not their business. Sometimes, difficult negotiations and even trial are necessary to obtain a fair result for an injured party. Insurance companies may prolong a rightful claim in order to make you frustrated, encourage you to give up, and subsequently settle for less money than you actually deserve. Insurance companies may also deny a valid claim and you must be ready with the appropriate evidence and materials to prevent this from happening or combat it.

Protect Your Rights

Our legal team will work diligently with investigators to build an effective case and fight to protect your rights. Contact us today at (425) 889-9300 or email us at for a free, comprehensive case evaluation. We are conveniently located just off of 405 in Kirkland. We are more than happy to come to you if needed.